The SourcE of IT

Welcome to The SourcE of IT, my personal Web Crafting enterprise.

Below is a brief selection of my work, a short word about me and how to get in touch.

I hope you like what you see and look forward to hearing from you.

Gislingham Village website

gislingham website screenshots

the project


In this project I collaborated with Laura Kalbag, Phil Pickering and Sibylle Weber to redesign the website

The challenge was to completely transform an old table-based website into a more engaging, much simpler site, implementing a bespoke WordPress theme.

my role

  • front-end leader
  • HTML5 prototype
  • CSS
  • jQuery scripts research and implementation

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Luna Ingrassia's portfolio site

luna ingrassia's site screenshots

the project


Luna came to me because she found her old portfolio website ineffective. Together, we looked into the possible reasons and decided to update the design, rewrite some of its content, and make it responsive so that it would work across the majority of modern devices and browsers.

Unfortunately, as of April 2014 the site is no longer online.

my role

  • Brand design
  • Content strategy
  • Overhaul of the code (front end as well as back end—powered by Satellite™)
  • Responsive design
  • Research and implementation of jQuery scripts

Save The Arctic - Greenpeace Campaign

greenpeace 'save the arctic' microsite's screenshots

the project


Coded at the end of 2012 as a college exercise, this was my very first fully handcoded website.

It displays no scripts whatsoever; it was all done purely using XHTML and CSS2.1

my role

  • logo design
  • content research and strategy
  • wireframes
  • mockups
  • overall design

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I am a web designer and developer based in London who relishes in using Open Source tools to craft websites, all the way from the inception of an idea to the deployment of the full site.


The things that get me going are the open web, open source technologies, accessibility, and the environment.
I use 100% renewable energy to power my tools (and toys...) and will cycle to meet you if humanly possible 😊


Will work collaboratively with you to make the most of your digital brand.
Will always be honest with you and dedicated to our project.
If appropriate, I will implement and teach you how to use a Content Management System to give you full control of your website.

You can send me an email to yago at the source of it or you can grab me on twitter